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Call Colorado Joint Replacement in Denver at 720-524-1367 to learn more about total hip replacement or to schedule an appointment today!

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

When a hip joint is severely damaged, total hip replacement surgery can restore function and significantly relieve pain. At Colorado Joint Replacement, our skilled surgeons perform this revolutionary surgery by replacing damaged bone with an artificial hip joint known as prosthesis.

While there are many different designs and materials are used for a hip prosthesis, all of them consist of a ball, made of a highly polished metal or ceramic, and a socket, made of plastic, ceramic or metal, that mimics the function of a natural joint. One of Colorado Joint Replacement’s biggest claims to fame is that our orthopedic surgeons have personally pioneered and developed a number of breakthrough designs in artificial hip joints that are currently in use by surgeon around the world.

Similar to partial hip replacement surgery, total hip replacement surgery will usually take a few hours and patients will recover in the hospital for a few days.

What You Can Expect

With a new prosthetic hip joint, most patients are able to return to an active life without hip pain or stiffness. Like partial hip replacement procedures, most patients are up on their feet just days after surgery.

Special Precautions

While a new hip may not have the same range of movement as the original joint, but most patients are able to return to their previous level of activity as long as they avoid vigorous activity or contact sports. Our physicians and specialists will discuss all special precautions before and after any procedure to ensure optimal patient outcome.

Is total hip replacement right for you?

To determine if you may be a candidate for total hip replacement surgery, call Colorado Joint Replacement at 720-524-1367 to schedule a consultation.

Patients will receive an extensive pre-operative evaluation of their hip(s) to determine if they are indeed a candidate for hip replacement or another procedure. The evaluation includes an assessment of the degree of patient disability, impact on lifestyle, pre-existing medical conditions, and an evaluation of heart and lung function.

Once the evaluation is complete, our physicians can create a customized treatment plan to address a patient’s individual needs.

Contact Colorado Joint Replacement at 720-524-1367 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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