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The orthopedic surgeons at Colorado Joint Replacement in Denver can help reduce your joint pain and treat your arthritis so you can return to a full, active life.

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Colorado Joint Replacement is the premier orthopedic center in the Rocky Mountain region for knee and hip replacement surgery. Performing more than 1,500 joint replacements each year (more than most orthopedic practices do in the span of several years), our world-class orthopedic specialists combine minimally invasive therapies with the highly advanced surgical techniques to help patients quickly return to a full and active lifestyle.

Our surgeons, including Dr. Douglas A. Dennis, Dr. Brian D. Haas, Dr. Raymond H. Kim, Dr. Todd M. Miner and Dr. Charlie Yang, are not only some of the top names in the country when it comes to joint replacement surgery, but they are also internationally recognized for joint replacement research, medical device development and for training other physicians in joint replacement surgery.

For patients and health care providers, Colorado Joint Replacement offers:

  • A range of orthopedic treatment options for arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint pain and more
  • Some of the nation’s top experts specializing in hip and knee replacement surgery
  • A state-of-the-art and fully dedicated joint replacement suite in the Porter Center for Joint Replacement featuring private patient rooms and other amenities not often seen in a hospital setting
  • Extensive experience with corrective surgery and revisions for knee and hip replacements
  • Leading research and medical device development conducted by our own team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons

Recent Awards, News and Honors

  • March 2014: Dr. Douglas A. Dennis and Dr. Raymond H. Kim named as two of the top 22 knee surgeons in North America by Orthopedics This Week - the only two to make the list from Colorado
  • December 2013: Colorado Joint Replacment and Porter Adventist Hospital perform 22 free joint replacement surgeries on 17 patients as part of Operation Walk USA
  • February 2013: Dr. Douglas A. Dennis and Dr. Brian D. Haas named among the Best Doctors for Executives by ColoradoBiz magazine

What makes us different?

Colorado Joint Replacement in Denver, Colorado focuses exclusively on the treatment of joint pain and arthritis. In fact, everyone at Colorado Joint Replacement is a dedicated orthopedic specialist, from our orthopedic surgeons and operating room staff to our physical therapists and nurses. Our singular focus on knee and hip joint care results in a significantly enhanced overall experience for the people we serve.

Personalized Approach

As a center of excellence in knee replacement and hip joint replacement, we create a comprehensive treatment program tailored to your exact needs.  Whether you're undergoing physical therapy or a total knee replacement, we offer you targeted education, a personalized program and follow-up care based on your specific post-treatment goals.  For those who need joint replacement surgery, we also offer customized pre-operative planning and extensive rehabilitation programs.

Our Mission

Through our singular focus on joint care and treatment, we strive to help people with joint problems and arthritis return to a full, active and mobile lifestyle with significantly less pain.

As an extension of our mission and values we are also lead charitable medical outreach efforts through Operation Walk Denver, a not-for-profit volunteer medical services organization that provides free surgical treatments for patients in developing countries and in the United States. 

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 Joint Replacements with Altitude is on Saturday, August 16, 2014.
To learn more and to sign up to climb Mt. Sherman with other past joint replacment recipients, contact Will Petitt.  

Call Colorado Joint Replacement in Denver at 720-524-1367 to learn more or to schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic surgeons today!

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